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Walibi Minecraft.

Re-discover the incredible Belgian park, entirely on Minecraft with a breathtaking level of realism.


The whole park, with an impressive reproduction quality.


Music, models, fluidity of rides... when reality meets fiction.


Various activities and shows in the park with our animation team.

Not 1, but 2 parks

Have you finished visiting Walibi Belgium? Try our aquatic universe, Aqualibi, a park full of slides, details and immersive experiences.

Extend your days...
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on Walibi Minecraft

You have never seen anything so realistic.

3-dimensional attractions, synchronized ambient and on-board music, control of rides, fluidity & identical reproduction. A unique experience, for every visitor.

Innovative rides

Modeled in 3D and ultra fluid, as much in the management of speeds as in the turns and inclines.

WMC Connect

Synchronized with Minecraft, receive background music or on board in the rides.

Ride Operator

Control your favorite attractions from the game or from the web like a real operator!

Park realism

For 3 years, we have tried to reproduce the park identically in order to obtain perfect realism.


Various shows, activities and events are regularly offered by our team to keep you entertained.

Powerful server

We strive to optimize our servers in order to welcome as many visitors as possible simultaneously.

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The latest technologies for a unique experience

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